Thursday, 1 May 2014

Troubled souls unite...
Groundhog today... second day in a row, we are on our way to Chichester to look for new premises for our interior & kitchen ideas, new beginnings and all. A fabulous new shop to showcase all of our ideas and the new classic crossover kitchen with living area, classic style with all the modern touches set in a modern context.
We will be showing all of our trade mark quality designs put together in one place. Crisp clean whites, off whites, chalky whites, chunky oak, stone work tops, marble splash backs, smart lighting, cool appliances etc.
Back to the groundhog starts mis-firing on the motorway for the second day in a row and we splutter back to the garage drop the car off and walk back to the shop through Portsmouth laughing about it.
Well what else can you do? Laugh, that's what.
Here's some fluffy stuff to brighten the day.

We love rabbit curry

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